COSMATION: Consciousness Enhancing Visual Music.
Featured at Digifest, 2007 in Florance, Italy.

"Computer animation veteran John Young has been creating images and music for for many years.
Combining two loves, his latest creation provides a basis for meditative journeys beyond everyday life."

Happy viewers report on Cosmation:

"Just received my copy of 'Cosmation'... man o man what a TRIP!!! Fantastic voyage of eye and ear candy...what an adventure!...
taking this journey replaces the experience of getting stoned...and it's LEGAL!!!
Thank you John did good...really really good!" Ram Dass

"This is really nice ! really cool and relaxing images for so many different occasions and uses - well done Johnny !" Victor Stryker

"How to describe the almost indescribable? Beautiful colors, mesmerizing music. I absolutely love "Balloons" - Such an intensely beautiful use of color.
I get happy watching it. You really need to see it!" Lisa Wellens


A sample from Cosmation entitled THANATOLOGY
A sample from Cosmation entitled FARTHER